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READ     Newspaper      Business Observer     "A Pivotal Pivot"  

READ     Magazine         Forbes                           "Six Tips To Go From An Active To Passive Real Estate Investor"

READ     Magazine         Forbes                           "Six Things You Must Do To Oversee Your Passive Real Estate Investments"

LISTEN    Podcast           The Deal Scout            "On Buying Contracts"

WATCH    Podcast          Passive Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast     "Interview with MHP Owner / Operator Mario Dattilo..."

WATCH     Podcast         Pillars of Wealth Creation    "Investing For The Long Term With Mario Dattilo"

WATCH     Podcast         SWFL REIA Cast                    "How Mobile Home Parks Have Performed During COVID"

WATCH     Podcast         SWFL REIA Cast            "Investing In Self Storage Facilities"

WATCH     Podcast         SWFL REIA Cast            "Mario Dattilo On Mobile Home Park Investing"

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