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Who We Are

After investing in several property types and strategies for over 15 years and educating new investors, our founder, Mario Dattilo, recognized that you as an investor want to participate in the commercial real estate market because you desire the unique cash flow, appreciation, equity growth, leverage, capital preservation, and tax benefits.


The challenge is you have time, capital, or expertise restraints holding you back from doing it all yourself. Equity Growth Capital combines our long-term developed investor relationships with our industry experience and expertise to create exciting opportunities for all of us to benefit from.


As an individual or institutional investor, you have substantial investment capital but want to diversify into multiple institutional quality properties. Buying these properties yourself requires you commit a high percentage of your resources into a few properties, limiting your ability to diversify and requires you to build out the business with people and systems to manage them.


By participating in Equity Growth Capital’s investments, you are able to leverage the team, technology, relationships, and deal flow that we have built over the years and spread your investment capital across multiple opportunities without building the infrastructure yourself. Pooling your capital with other like-minded investors and leveraging our time, you are able to enjoy the benefits without the time and management commitment. 


Individual relationships are the lifeblood of our company. We strive to provide you with transparency, clear communication, and we have an investor-first mentality. Education is a big part of our founder’s focus, so we take pride in also educating our investors about the asset classes and strategies we invest in to add lifelong value to you even beyond the deals you participate in. 


Our Fund strategy is to diversify within the real estate sector, encompassing mainly investment in manufactured home communities, self-storage facilities, RV parks, distressed real estate assets, and debt secured by real estate and manufactured homes. Our approach includes partnering with third-party sponsors, as well as investing in debt units from direct lenders. The strategy extends to financing opportunities in both residential and commercial real estate loans. This broadened scope aims to balance risk and optimize returns across different real estate categories and investment vehicles.

Equity Growth Capital will only offer actual interests in real estate or loans or liens fully secured by real estate unless the Deal Memo states differently. Manager will in all cases retain sufficient authority to remove or influence or participate in the removal of staff or contractors from their responsibilities sufficient to comply with the exemption from Investment Company registration under 15 USC §80a-3(c)(5)(C) (the “Investment Company Act”).

Visit our legacy holding company, Real Estate Acquisitions USA, Corp.

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